Boost Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

Social emotional learning (SEL) is integral to the success of your students and staff. By creating an environment where stakeholders understand themselves, know how to make responsible decisions as well as show respect and empathy for others, your school community can excel.

With Celebrate You(th): A Social Emotional Learning Curriculum, educators are equipped with a roadmap to apply Emergenetics theory to support skill building in the five CASEL competencies.

Through easy-to-implement activities that can be woven into educators’ existing lesson plans, our supplemental curriculum allows you to amplify the STEP Youth Discovery Program by encouraging students to use their Emergenetics preferences to navigate their classroom environments and beyond.

What are the outcomes?

When using our supplemental curriculum, educators gain the tools to:

  • Increase students' self-awareness and celebrate their strengths
  • Improve youth identity development and self-agency
  • Enhance social emotional skills aligned to CASEL competencies
  • Strengthen collective efficacy for both students and teachers by integrating STEP into daily practices
  • Support positive, inclusive classroom and school climates

What's included?

To use the lessons, educators must have attended STEP’s Teacher Facilitator Certification or Administrator Facilitator Certification and have access to the Youth Discovery Program. Our curricula is available for elementary grades 5 - 6, middle school or high school and offers teachers access to:

  • 20-minute activities that seamlessly integrate into existing lesson plans
  • Detailed instructions to streamline implementation
  • Grouping and reflection strategies to enhance learning and retention
  • Optional virtual training to simplify application
  • College and career modules for the middle school and high school curricula

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