Lay the Foundation for Greater Productivity and Engagement through Learning & Development

Organizations have gone through dramatic change over the past few months. In the midst of a pandemic and as companies look ahead to business recovery, leaders, managers and employees must learn to adjust to new ways of working, communicating and collaborating.

While many things have changed for organizations, one thing that remains the same is the need to provide employees with foundational skills that empower them to be successful by leaning into their strengths, understand their preferred ways of working as well as their blind spots and recognize how to adapt their practices to work more effectively on their own or with team members - whether they are in the office, remote or a bit of both.

To help your employees be successful, productive and, dare we say, happier, we recommend beginning with self-awareness. Self-understanding has been shown to help individuals better manage emotions, improve workplace effectiveness and strengthen relationships with colleagues. It has also been linked to improved decision quality, conflict management and coordination.

Our eBook, Engage and Empower Distributed Employees with Self-Awareness: Five Ways Learning & Development Can Lay the Foundation for a Productive Workforce, will reveal the impact of self-understanding on business results and offer practical strategies to build self-aware employees within your organization to give your staff the foundational tools they need to successfully navigate work no matter their location.

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