Manager Toolkit: Battling Burnout

Are your employees quietly quitting?

A recent poll showed more than 50% of workers are reducing the amount of effort they devote to their job. As the trend expands across the globe, many managers are wondering what they can do to better engage and support their staff while maintaining productivity.

To empower people leaders with actionable tools and resources to amplify their employees' wellbeing and effectiveness, the Emergenetics team has put together the Manager Toolkit: Battling Burnout.

What's Inside?

The toolkit provides people leaders with six easy-to-use activities to reduce stress and support focus, including:

Two individual reflections designed to:
  • Identify signs of tension and pressure
  • Determine personal stress reduction strategies

Two one-on-one coaching exercises helping direct reports to:

  • Prioritize effectively
  • Increase focus on important objectives

Two team activities created to:

  • Support team health and productivity
  • Identify meaningful celebration strategies

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