Design an Employee-Centric Workplace

51% of global employees are seeking new jobs. To sway their decision to stay or leave, staff are increasingly looking for a work environment that offers growth, meaning and flexibility as well as the opportunity to be heard and contribute.

The organizations that thrive in the future will prioritize staff and empower them to succeed as whole people. To create a workplace where diverse individuals thrive, effective enterprises will turn to experts in Human Resources, Learning & Development and Organizational Development.

Our latest eBook Design an Employee-Centric Workplace: 15 Strategies to Inspire Engagement and Boost Retention offers practical methods to boost organizational culture to celebrate your multigenerational workforce and amplify motivation, connection and performance.

What's Included?

  • Five essential elements of a people-centered culture including:
    • Infusing purpose in work
    • Cultivating belonging
    • Providing holistic benefits
    • Honoring voice and contributions
    • Boosting growth opportunities
  • Actionable strategies for:
    • Executives
    • Managers
    • Individual contributors
  • Plus, bonus templates and activities to help you get started

 How We Can Help

  • Enhance belonging in a multigenerational workforce
  • Engage and motivate your employees
  • Build a common language to close communication gaps
  • Enhance professional development
  • Boost organizational results
  • Introduce the Platinum Rule

 "Wishing that we had the benefit of this understanding of cognitive diversity ten years ago, but now that we do, it has the power to support positive team dynamics and improve all forms of communication and engagement. This innovative tool to aid professional development and organizational performance is invaluable for addressing the challenges for the future work environment.”                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Elaine O'Neill | Organizational Development & Learning Partner, Education Authority 

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