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According to Forbes, employees who feel heard are more likely to feel empowered and perform better at work. There’s no better way to recognize and consider an employees’ perspective than to understand and honor how they prefer to think and behave.

Building on the Emergenetics Profile and Essential Workshops, our egLearning courses provide individuals the opportunity to explore the nuances of the seven Attributes, so they can better understand themselves, value the viewpoints of others and improve collaboration to work more effectively.

After completing courses from the egLearning Library, users will be equipped to apply their knowledge of Emergenetics on the job. Using the seven Attributes as a common ground will allow employees to boost productivity, reduce conflict and miscommunication as well as enrich workplace culture.

Course Features

Every course is designed to connect to the learner’s Emergenetics preferences and feature relatable scenarios and engaging activities. Each course can be:

  • Completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Accessed from anywhere a learner has an internet connection
  • Used to accelerate your return on investment in Emergenetics
  • Licensed for unlimited access for one year
  • Viewed in English

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Available Courses

Cover Photo - Ignite

Ignite Your Preferences

Emergenetics can empower anyone to connect, communicate and collaborate with greater empathy and understanding. This course illuminates the brilliances and common misconceptions of each Attribute, expanding self-awareness and understanding of how a person’s preferences may influence their work and interactions with others.

Cover Photo - BehaviorsLearn to Flex: Behaving to Improve Rapport

A person’s behavioral preferences are often the first Attributes that are observed by their colleagues. Using five common behavioral combinations, this course helps you increase understanding of the spectrums of Expressiveness, Assertiveness and Flexibility as well as supports skill building in flexing to improve teamwork and productivity.

Cover Photo - Thinking

Learn to Flex: Thinking to Build Connection

Great minds don’t always think alike! Cognitive diversity is a leading contributor to a team’s ability to innovate and problem solve, so it is important to understand and value alternative perspectives. This course will improve your ability to make connections with the Analytical, Structural, Social and Conceptual Attributes, so you can reap the benefits of diversity of thought.

Cover Photo - Language of Grace

Cultivating Culture Through the Language of Grace

Words play a powerful role in shaping our working relationships and environments. When an organization uses a shared, positive language, employees can elevate their communication skills. This course connects the power of positivity to elements of Emergenetics to reshape your vocabulary as well as interactions to inspire and motivate others.

Hone Your Habits: Managing Stress Image

Hone Your Habits: Managing Stress

Stress is a natural human state that can serve and overwhelm anyone, depending on the circumstances. Using Emergenetics as a framework, this course helps learners identify natural stress responses, find alignment to Thinking and Behavioral preferences as well as refine reactions in times of tension.