Empowering Emergenetics Practitioners

Discover egElectives 

egElectives is a curated collection of courses providing next-level learning opportunities for Emergenetics practitioners looking to widen their skillset. The classes empower you to use Thinking and Behavioral insights to help individuals, teams and organizations improve performance, overcome common challenges and achieve objectives. 

If you want to build on your foundational knowledge to maximize the impact of Emergenetics for your participants, we invite you to find the courses that are right for you. 

Now available to active Emergenetics Associates and Facilitators based in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  

Course Features

  • Expand and hone skills developed in preceding Emergenetics training(s) 
  • Participate in 10 hours of digital learning and live instruction over the course of three days for each class 
  • Access new training materials and resources in English 
  • Gain insights from an Emergenetics expert via different learning modalities 
  • Earn a certificate of completion, which may be applied to continuing education requirements 
  • Personalize a learning path to focus on the specialties that best support continuing education goals 
  • Grow a professional network of Emergenetics practitioners 

Expand Your Expertise


Available Courses

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The Artistry of Emergenetics

Designed to inspire Emergenetics Associates who support internal stakeholders or external consulting clients, The Artistry of Emergenetics will empower you to support the ongoing application of Emergenetics in any workplace. Take your talents from aspiring artist to masterful Picasso, ready to craft learning experiences molded to the cognitive diversity and needs of your customers.    

The course will help Associates: 

  • Gain new tools to build long-term, value-driven customer relationships  
  • Build skill in and practice steering conversations to uncover client needs using a Whole Emergenetics (WE) approach  
  • Discover how to adapt existing activities to address stakeholder goals and challenges  
  • Learn to design and tailor customized learning experiences 

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The Architecture of Emergenetics

Emergenetics is all about constructing safe spaces, and our seven Attributes provide a strong foundation for all practitioners.The Architecture of Emergenetics teaches you to scaffold new layers of knowledge including combinations of thought, the Language of Grace and more, so you can deliver programs that enhance team and organizational cultures.     

The course will empower Associates, Facilitators and Advisors to: 

  • Increase confidence as an Emergenetics practitioner   
  • Strengthen comprehension of the seven Emergenetics Attributes   
  • Expand understanding of the nuances of the combinations of thought and behavior   
  • Reduce bias for all Attributes and Profile types  
  • Increase familiarity with the Language of Grace   

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The Music of Emergenetics

Emergenetics Spectrum Reports are made up of all the notes you need to conduct a beautiful symphony. Learn how the different stylings of your participants come together to form the dynamics of your groups in The Music of Emergenetics. Join us to explore the four-part harmony that provides the musicality for every composition.   

The course provides Associates, Advisors, Teacher Facilitators and Administrator Facilitators with insights to: 

  • Understand when and how to apply the four spectrum reports in training or coaching sessions  
  • Recognize the nuances in different Thinking and Behavioral preferences and combinations  
  • Utilize the spectrums to understand and reframe group dynamics in training sessions or day-to-day work   
  • Learn to anticipate needs, questions and concerns based on the cognitive makeup of their participants  
  • Build awareness in adapting their facilitation style to engage participants’ Thinking and Behavioral preferences