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Emergenetics MEtreats
Mindfulness for Leaders
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The Emergenetics MEtreats feature three eight-week courses on Mindfulness that are designed to support your overall health, happiness and wellness. Participants begin by taking the Emergenetics Profile to better understand themselves and others, and then immerse themselves in the MEtreat experience to take personal development a step further. The MEtreats will expand your self-awareness, strengthen your relationships with others, inspire your leadership style as well as help you to find inner peace and greater enjoyment in life. 

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October 17 - 19


What is a MEtreat?

An incredible investment in yourself and commitment to long-lasting growth, our MEtreats kick off with a two and a half day all-inclusive tranquil getaway nestled in Colorado’s breathtaking Rocky Mountains. During this time, you will learn, study, practice and reflect on the principles of Mindfulness.

Our expert facilitators are gifted at creating and leading a psychologically safe space so the connection you form with other participants is meaningful and long-lasting. There are shared accommodations, meals and activities such as hiking, yoga and meditation.

After you return home, we support your commitment for the next eight weeks as you incorporate the Mindfulness principles and practices into your everyday life. You will receive weekly email reminders, tips and advice as well as have access to a private Facebook community of previous retreat participants. At the end of eight weeks, your original cohort will reconvene for an interactive capstone webinar with your retreat facilitators..

Who should participate?

Individuals interested in engaging in content and activities that deepen their understanding of their own purpose, ethics, principles, motivations and conduct. Participants should be open to meaningful connection with their fellow participants who will be sharing experiences, meals and accommodations. 

About Mindfulness for Leaders

Register for: October 17 - 19

Practicing mindfulness is becoming more commonplace. How does it actually help you? Richie Davidson, neuroscientist at the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, explains that practicing mindfulness daily increases neuroplasticity in parts of the brain that control cognitive flexibility; executive functioning like planning, problem solving and emotion regulation; and susceptibility to stress and anxiety. The Mindfulness for Leaders MEtreat helps create the space between your thoughts and actions that is needed to instill a renewed intentionality in your approach to leadership. You'll explore how to embrace each moment with its tender opportunity for leading, growing and inspiring. The MEtreat will deepen your sense of self and expand how you function as a leader. You'll find pearls of wisdom that can be directly applied to your personal and professional life experiences.

The Five Guiding Principles of Mindfulness for Leaders Include:

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MEtreat Experience




Our MEtreats are made up of three distinct phases to support your personal development. The total participant fee is $1,599 and includes:


The MEtreat kicks off with a two-night getaway at our retreat center in Estes Park, Colorado. We provide lodging and six conscious, homemade meals. You receive an Emergenetics Profile, narrative report, MEtreat guide with principles and practices as well as opportunities for guided meditation, yoga, outdoor activities and artistic processes.

Continued Practice

Following the retreat portion of the MEtreat, you will receive eight weekly emails with exercises, reminders and resources to inspire continued practice. You also have access to a private Facebook community of MEtreat participants for continued support and accountability.

Capstone Webinar

At the end of your eight weeks of continued practice, your MEtreat experience culminates in a webinar hosted by your retreat facilitators. This webinar offers you a chance to reconnect with your original cohort, review progress and create a plan for long-term integration of the Mindfulness practices.

MEtreat Outcomes

After the MEtreat experience, participants benefit from expanded self-awareness, an understanding of what it means to lead from a centered perspective, connections with others on a similar journey, a commitment to long-term grown and development as well as individual renewal and restoration.

About Your MEtreat Facilitators

Herm Weaver, Ph.D.

Herm Image.pngHerm Weaver is the director of research and development for Emergenetics International. A lifelong learner, he has earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master of Science in Education in Community Counseling from The University of Akron and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology from The Union Institute and University.

Herm’s professional experiences include being a university professor and psychology department chair, an international peacebuilding consultant as well as an ordained minister working as an overseer for churches giving energy to vision, leadership development and fostering new connections. He is passionate about people and about the potential for using Emergenetics as a way of enhancing human connection.

Herm is a father and husband, a son and a brother. He is married to Cindy and together they have three children, Hope, Chloe and Dillon. Cindy and Herm live on a small ranch, love the outdoors and have partnered together for 34 years.


Annie Browning, LCSW.

Annie Image.pngAnnie Lengacher Browning is a content development consultant with Emergenetics International. Annie graduated from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work and the Iliff School of Theology. She is a licensed clinical social worker and an ordained minister.

Annie has spent most of her professional career working for non-profit and faith-based organizations. She has served as staff therapist for a Women’s Empowerment program as well as run a private psychotherapy practice that emphasized the integration of spiritual and psychosocial methodologies with individuals, families and couples.  As a gifted speaker, Annie regularly leads retreats, workshops and speaks publicly for Emergenetics, church and non-profit organizations.

She is married to Morgan, and they enjoy an active life with their four young children Lewis, Reuben, Emmett and Margot. As an avid runner, biker and hiker, Annie makes the most of the great outdoors of Colorado. She practices yoga and finds deep meaning in reading and writing about spirituality as well as daily meditation.

“Everyone can benefit from becoming more in touch with themselves. The world needs all of us to be more alert and aware of what’s happening right here and right now. The retreat facilitates such dialogue with excellence!”


- 2017 Mindfulness for Teams MEtreat Participant

Interested in Bringing Your Team?

Our MEtreats can also be tailored to support the needs and goals of your company's intact teams. Through WEtreats, we provide corporate and non-profit groups with new tools and applications to improve productivity in the workplace. WEtreats are an overnight program, hosted in our retreat facility outside the foothills of Denver, where we can host up to 10 team members. For larger groups and teams in other locations, our facilitators are available to travel and can support with arranging alternative accommodations.  Learn more here.


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