ESP Certification Registration

Emergenetics Selection Program Certification

People are the foundation of any business—and building a great organization starts with hiring the right people. The Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP) helps you hire smarter by providing tools that give you more accurate applicant data. ESP empowers organizations to assess and select candidates based on skills, motivations, and job fit to find those applicants that best align with your company culture and organizational needs.

ESP Certification is a two day workshop designed to equip you  with the necessary knowledge and skills to administer and implement all aspects of the Emergenetics Selection Program. As a Certified ESP Associate, you can:

  • Provide a custom job analysis to define job needs and expectations
  • Administer candidate links to the ESP assessment
  • Debrief and compare candidate results
  • Identify candidates that are a good fit for the role
  • Customize behavioral interview questions and onboarding process based on ESP results

ESP works seamlessly within the existing HR hiring process of any organization. An EEOC compliant tool, ESP enhances the selection process by providing an objective report of a candidate's preferences AND skills, making it a valuable tool whether you're an independent organization or an in-house practitioner.

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